Local Motors has introduced the first self-driving vehicle that has advanced cognitive computing capabilities of IBM Watson. The Watson system is able to chat with people, allaying their fears about being driven around a city by a vehicle with no driver, offering information about the local area, or talking to travelers about their destination or journey. The vehicle, named ‘Olli’, was...Read more
|Comment|author: Marieke Van Gompel
Ford Fusion

Ford invests in mapmaker for self-driving car

Among other investors, Ford has put a stake in Civil Maps, a California based startup that makes maps fors elf-driving cars. In total, Civil maps received 6.6 million dollars in funding. It’s not clear exaclty...Read more
|Comment|author: Vincent Krabbendam
Audi A7

Next level self driving Audi in 2018

Audi of America-president Scott Keogh believes his company is at the forefront of developing self-driving cars. Audi has been working on autonomous driving technology for the last ten years. Its latest research car A7, nicknamed...Read more
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Nissan ProPILOT

Autonomous drive technology on new Nissan Serena

Nissan has announced that the new Serena, scheduled to go on sale in Japan in late August, will come equipped with the company’s ProPILOT autonomous drive technology. Nissan is the first Japanese automaker to introduce a combination...Read more
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General Motors Lyft

‘Timeline self-driving car faster than expected’

General Motors (GM) finds both self-driving vehicles and ridesharing interesting concepts, and according to GM’s president the combination of those two shows the most potential. Dan Ammann thinks that autonomous technology will lead to beter...Read more
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First deadly victim in Tesla’s self-driving car

Officials have confirmed the first self-driving car death involving a Tesla S sports car where the driver was using Autopilot. Some very rare circumstances seem to have made the incident unavoidable, the company has stated on its...Read more
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