The radar sensor in Tesla’s self driving cars is not a new feature, but it will play a significantly more prominent role in the 8.0 version of autopilot. The carmaker now believes that radar can be used as a primary control sensor, without requiring the camera to confirm visual image recognition. Fleet learning has been crucial in arriving at this...Read more
|Comment|author: Vincent Krabbendam
Nvidia processor

Nvidia launches mobile processor for autonomous vehicle

Nvidia launched a new mobile processor for the next generation of autonomous vehicles, called Parker. The company reveiled the architecture and underlying technology of this processor at the Hot Chips conference in Cupertino, California. According...Read more
|Comment|author: Marieke Van Gompel

First self-driving taxi available in Singapore

NuTonomy has launched the first-ever public trial of a robo-taxi service. The trial, which will continue on an on-going basis, is being held within Singapore’s one-north business district, where nuTonomy has been conducting daily autonomous...Read more
|Comment|author: Vincent Krabbendam
Audi A7 piloted driving concept

VW committed to fully automated driverless vehicles

Volkswagen is planning further acquisitions in the market for new transportation technologies and services as it seeks to make up ground after its emissions scandal. Europe’s largest automaker, which had been reluctant to commit to new...Read more
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Self-driving BMW’s on Chinese market in 2021

BMW is planning to release its self-driving vehicles on the Chinese market five years from now. Recently, the German car manufacturer announced it will work together with Intel and Mobileye to bring solutions for highly...Read more
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Gill Pratt Toyota

Toyota invests millions in autonomous driving research

Research focused on autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, and robotics at the University of Michigan (U-M) is boosted by an initial 22 million dollar commitment from the Toyota Research Institute (TRI). TRI’s CEO Gill Pratt announced the...Read more
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