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‘Timeline self-driving car faster than expected’

General Motors (GM) finds both self-driving vehicles and ridesharing interesting concepts, and according to GM’s president the combination of those two shows the most potential. Dan Ammann thinks that autonomous technology will lead to beter...Read more
|Comment|author: Vincent Krabbendam

Google’s self-driving cars use horn as warning

Google’s self-driving software is designed to recognize when honking may help alert other drivers. In the May self-driving car report, the company said it taught its vehicles to distinguish potentially tricky situations from false positives.  For example,...Read more
|Comment|author: Marieke Van Gompel

General Motors buys manufacturer of Cruise sensors

US car manufacturer General Motors has expanded its self-drive cars division in buying sensor manufacturer Cruise. Cruise will continue to operate as an independent unit, within GM. Thanks to this deal, the manufacture of autonomous...Read more
|Comment|author: Vicky Beresford