US consumers not attracted to self-driving car technology


Consumers in the United States are still not that attracted to self-driving cars, according to a study of the University of Michigan. They remain concerned about some of the aspects of self-driving technology and still want to be able to manually control self-driving vehicles.

The study of the university found that 46 percent of respondents preferred no self-driving, followed by partial self-driving (39 percent) and complete self-driving (15 percent). Almost 95 percent of the respondents stated that they prefer a steering wheel plus gas and brake pedals so that they can take control of the vehicle if possible. The university did a similar survey a year ago. The results of this study show that three out of four of the respondants where afraid to ride a self-driving car, according to Reuters.

Self-driving car technology

Car producers are gradually enhancing in self-driving car technology. Some of them introduce small self-driving features in their vehicles, such as automatically regulating speed and braking to keeping the vehicle from drifting out of its traffic lane.

Others, such as Tesla Motors Inc, introduced a autopilot system, which makes it possible to choose limited self-driving on the highway. Alphabet Inc’s Google goes even farther by introducing prototypes that can drive fully automatic and have no steering wheels or pedals.

Author: Marieke Van Gompel

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